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ByDr. Girish Chandra

Books on Ecology & Environmental Science

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Tb of Environmental Studies for UG ST

By (author): Erach Bharucha

The field of Environmental Studies is getting a lot of attention in contemporary times. More and more students are keen on pursuing a career in this field. This book has been designed for such students who are at an undergraduatelevel, and are looking for a book that provides them with information in a concise format.

The first edition of this book was printed by UGC on getting direction from the Supreme Court of India. This is the second edition of this book, and has put into place improvements based on the feedback given by faculty and students. This version is supposed to be more user-friendly and concise.

The book strictly follows the guidelines laid down by UGC. It has many case studies, ample photographs and illustrations, which makes the subject very interesting. Teachers, too, will find this book easy to teach and very helpful. The book attempts to clarify all the important concepts in Arts, Science, Engineering and Commerce pertaining to the environment.

The Unit 8 of this book focuses only on fieldwork that can be undertaken by the student. The flowcharts in this book have been well-designed and help in clearing up the concepts even further.

The main theme of the book is to show restrain when it comes to living things and it goes a step forwards by suggesting solution to problems faced on a day to day basis.

Every chapter has questions at the end which the student can attempt to test his learning levels with.

About the Author

Dr Erach Bharucha is Director, Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Education and Research, Pune. He has been engaged in implementing a variety of environmental education programmes for schools and colleges. He has been associated with the NCERT, SCERT and UGC to further the cause of formal environmental education.

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