Evolution books

ByDr. Girish Chandra


Books on Evolutionary Biology

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                               TAXONOMY BOOKS

  • Ernst Mayr, 1969. Principles of systematic zoology. (Tata McGraw Hill Publ. Co.). 428 pages.

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                               ZOOGEOGRAPHY BOOKS

  • P.J. Darlington, 1957. The zoogeography: The geographical distribution of animals. (Wiley Publ. New York). 675 pages.

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Colbert’s Evolution of the Vertebrates: A History of the Backboned Animals Through Time, 5ed

By (author): Michael Morales, Eli C. Minkoff Edwin H. Colbert

Universally regarded as a classic in the field, this new edition has been completely revised to offer the most recent discoveries and modern research advances in this continually evolving field. Extensively illustrated throughout, the Fifth edition includes new material on conodents, dinosaurs, primates and the early evolution of birds, while keeping the same engaging writing style and non-technical approach that is a trademark of the Colbert’s text. This publication remains the only resource that offers comprehensive coverage of vertebrate life, from skeletal system to ecology, behavior and physiology. Special Features · Completely revised to bring material up to date with recent discoveries and modern research findings. · Retains the unique presentation of the previous editions and its engaging writing style and non-technical approach. · Contains substantially expanded sections, including treatment of conodonts, dinosaurs, primates and the origin of birds. · Coverage of the various aspects of vertebrate life, from skeletal system to ecology, behavior and physiology. Table of Content · Introduction. · Jawless Vertebrates. · Acanthodians and Placoderms. · Sharklike Fishes. · Bony Fishes. · Lobe-Fin Fishes and the Transition to Land. · Early Paleozoic Faunas. · Amphibians. · The Advent of Reptiles. · Late Paleozoic Faunas. · Lepidosaurs. · Aquatic Reptiles. · Early Ruling Reptiles. · Triumph of the Dinosaurs. · Aerial Reptiles. · Birds. · Years of the Dinosaurs. · Mammal-Like Reptiles. · Beginning of the Mammals. · Marsupials. · Introduction to the Placentals. · Early Placental Diversification. · The Primates and Their Allies. · Rodents and Rabbits. · Creodonts and Carnivores. · Whales and Dolphins. · Primitive Ungulates. · Artiodactyls. · South American Ungulates. · Perissodactyls. · Elephants and Their Kin. · Cenozoic Faunas. · A Classification of the Phylum Chordata. · Bibliography. · Key to Abbreviations of Bone Names Used in Illustrations. · Sources and Credits for Illustrations.

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