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ByDr. Girish Chandra

Animal Diversity (Chordata)



       Chordates are characterised by a rod-like notochord and a hollow nerve cord on the dorsal side of the gut, and pharynx being perforated with gill slits for respiration. Vertebrates have a vertebral column that replaces the notochord, cephalization of the nervous system, a ventral heart, a post-anal tail and division of the coelom into chambers.          

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Animal Diversity (Invertebrata & Chordata)

By (author): A.Thangamani, S. Leelavathy, S. Prasannakumar, N. Soundara Pandian, T. Murugan, L.M. Narayanan, N. Arumugam N.C Nair

Contents : Invertebrata – 1. Introduction, 2. Principles of Taxonomy, 3. Protozoa, 4. Porifera, 5. Cnidaria, 6. Platyhelminthes, 7. Nematoda, 8. Annelida, 9. Arthropoda, 10. Mollusca, 11. Echinodermata, 12. Hemichordata Chordata – 13. Introduction to Chordata, 14. Protochordata, 15. Agnatha, 16. Pisces, 17. Amphibia, 18. Reptilia, 19. Aves, 20. Mammalia, 21. Practicals
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