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ORIENTAL INSECTS                                  

An International Journal of Systematic Entomology & Zoogeography of the Old World Tropics

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*Genes are the master programmers, and they are programming for their lives.            Richard Dawkins

*Burst of evolution takes place when animals are put into new environment.



*Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of  evolution.            –T. Dobzhansky 

 * Contrary to Darwinism, reproduction and not survival is at the centre of evolutionary process.   

 * The phenotypic effects of genes are not limited to an organism's body but can stretch far into the environment, including into the bodies of other organisms.                                        – Richard Dawkins 

 *Batrachotoxin, the poison from the skin of South American tree frogs, Phyllobates and Dendrobates, is the most toxic animal secretion known to mankind. Only 200 microgram of it is enough to kill a man.



* Natural selection requires genetic variations but natural selection also reduces genetic variations by eliminating alleles. Thus evolution by natural selection bites the hand that feeds it.



  *Religion teaches people to be satisfied with not understanding.                            —Dawkins

  *In humans there are at least 4500 genes that cause diseases.

*The combined length of blood capillaries in human body is about 96,500 kms. If blood has to fill all these capillaries, no blood will be left in arteries and veins. Therefore, body selectively supplies blood to organs that need it most.



 *Natural selection  refines and specializes a species to live in its environment but the same specializaion brings its doom when the environment changes. Thus the species also follow the cycle of birth, growth and death.       



   * Although chimpanzee genome differs from human genome by hardly 1.5%, yet there have been 40 million evolutionary events that separated chimps from us. Read  on the  Riddle of Human Origin

*Blue whale is the largest animal ever lived that is over 100 feet long and weighs 150 tons; its heart weighs 600 kg and tongue weighs 1500 kg.


   *Biological evolution tracks opportunities but is blind to destinations other than survival.           —Strickburger

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 *A giraffe's blood pressure measures 260/160 so that the brain sitting at the top of a long neck can receive enough blood.


 *Elephant's trunk contains 40,000 muscles to give it strength and dexterity.

* Natural selection causes a change in gene frequency but is not the same as a change in gene frequency.    Read details in  Hardy-Weinberg's Law

*Things that are bad for you seduce you easily and things that are good for you fail to attract you.     – – Raavan


*People do not grow old, when they stop growing they become old.                      —Deepak Chopra

 *Life is so complex that it should be lived with simplicity.

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*Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature and it'll never fail you.    — Frank Lloyd Wright