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Geographical Distribution of Animals

Zoogeographyis the study of distribution of animals and plants on our planet, which occur in different regions of the world in a distinct pattern. The distribution of some animal species is so peculiar that it is difficult to explain their occurrence in a particular region. Zoogeography attempts to understand the complexities as well as the simplicity in the distribution of animals in the light of evolutionary and environmental influences.

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Books on Zoogeography

Factors affecting dispersal

Means of dispersal

Theories of distribution 

The theory of Continental Drift 

Zoogeographical regions of the world 

Types of distribution

Wallace’s Line, Weber’s Line and Wallacea

Insular fauna

Fauna of African Region

Fauna of Australian Region

 Fauna of Nearctic Region

Fauna of Neotropical Region

Fauna of Palaearctic Region

Fauna of Oriental Region

American Marsupials