Cell Biology

ByDr. Girish Chandra

Cell Biology





Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Evolution & Ecology

By (author): Verma P.S., Agarwal V.K.

Multicolour Illustrative Edition Table of Contents Cell Biology: Introduction, Techniques in Cell Biology Cell Cytoplasmic Matrix Plasma Membrane and Cell Wall Endoplasmic Reticulum Cytoskeleton:Microtubuies, Microfilaments and Intermediate Filaments Centrioles and Basal Bodies Cilia and Flagella Cell Growth and well Division Reproduction Game to genesis Fertilization Parthenogenesis Growth Genetics: Introduction Genetical Terminology Mendel and his work Genetic Interaction and Lethal Genes Quantitative Genetics Inbreeding, Outbreeding and Hybrid Vigour Molecular Biology: Introduction lIdentification of the Genetic Materials Chemical Nature of Genetic Materials Replication of DNA – Non-genetic Ribonucleic Acid and Transcription Genetic Code Protein Synthesis Regulation of Gene Action Genetic Engineering, Immunology Genetic Recombination and Gene Transfer – Evolution: Introduction – Deyeloprnent of the Idea of Organic Evolutio 4. Ecosystem: Structure and Function Biogeochemical Cycles, Aquatic Ecosystems: Freshwater Communities, Estuaries and Marine Communities Terrestrial Ecosystems Pollution Ecology and Human Welfare Wild Life Management Biogeography, Adaptations Indices
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Dr. Girish Chandra, currently professor at Delhi University, has been teaching zoology for over 35 years and conducting research in insect taxonomy and pest control, particularly biological control and integrated pest management.

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