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ByDr. Girish Chandra

Applied Entomology



  Applied Entomology deals with both destructive and useful insects, namely, productive insects such as honey bee and silk worm, whose products can be directly used by man, pollinators such as bees, wasps and butterflies and parasites of the noxious pests of agriculture and control of the pests of agriculture, forestry, orchards, livestock as well as vectors of diseases such as housefly, mosquito, flea etc.          

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A Textbook of Applied Entomology Volume II

Features: Author(s): K.P. Srivastava & G.S. Dhaliwal, Book Edition: 3RD Edition
By (author): K.P. Srivastava & G.S. Dhaliwal

Prof. K.P. Srivastava’s A Textbook of Applied Entomology was published in two volumes; the first volume appeared in 1988 and the second one in 1993. Both the volumes were revised in 1996 to update the information on various emerging areas. These volumes found a great favour among students and teachers in view of the thorough coverage of the subject matter in concise manner, use of easy-to-understand language and well-meaning illustrations. The book had dominated the scene of Entomology in India for over a decade.
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ByDr. Girish Chandra

Economic Zoology


                  Economic zoology deals with the application of zoological knowledge for the benefit of mankind. It includes culturing animals for mass production for human use and to control or eradicate animals that are injurious to man directly or indirectly.                       

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