Yoga to improve learning

Yoga to improve learning

Yoga is an entirely different concept of improving learning and memory and general upkeep of health and mental alertness. Physical exercises that involve skeletal muscles enhance respiratory rate and blood circulation but cause oxygen debt in the body and increase lactic acid concentration in blood and muscles and hence do not benefit the endocrine glands, smooth muscles and nerves. 

Yoga is the only method by which you can oxygenate nerves, stimulate parasympathatic system and tone up endocrine glands, thus maintain balanced metabolism. Pranayama is a good technique to combat fatique and gain control over mind and body. Transcendental meditation can rejuvenate brain by removing mental fatigue in ten minutes. Those engaged in strenuous mental work must practice transcendental meditation for ten minutes every four hours to get rid of mental fatigue.

This section deals with the physiological effects of yoga on the body and mind.

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